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C.E.VIT is a construction glass engineering expert. Building on the founder’s 25-year experience in the industry, the company offers advice on tailored glass to international clients at every stage of their projects. C.E.VIT services cover technical audit, performance analysis and independent advice for glass selection; manufacturing optimization, investment projects in glass processing; as well as personnel training on glass products and their installation. The company also conducts custom market studies for glass suppliers and assists them in setting-up their client/ distribution networks. Its depth of knowledge in this specialist engineering field makes C.E.VIT a leading training provider to the sector. Thanks to C.E.VIT’s solid experience and professionalism, it has become a benchmark for quality services in the glass field and has clients ranging from building investors, architects to engineers and glass manufacturers; delivering scores of challenging projects over the decades.
Strengths Confidentiality
With 25-years experience in building glass products, C.E.VIT has become one of the leading building glass consultants in the international market. Founded on our core value of constant quality service, we listen to your needs and strive to offer independent analysis and advice with maximum flexibility built-in. All data received remains the property of our clients, C.E.VIT Sarl. guarantees to
maintain strict confidentiality in order to protect our clients’ commercial interests.
12, Avenue Armand Lederlin, 88150 THAON-LES-VOSGES, FRANCE Tel: 33 (0)3 29 66 82 55 Fax: 33 (0)3 29 66 85 73